Shape Up

Integrated & animated most of the HUD elements and menus in Flash using motion tweens, keyframing and Actionscript3

Climax Counter

Created art and animation for the “climax” counter

Combo Meter & Gauges

Created art, animation & integration of the various combo meter and gauges

DLC Boss Badges

Illustrated badges for Ghostmaster and Lumberjack DLCs: Boss + Training quest

DLC Boss Emblems

Designed the DLC Ghostmaster and Lumberjack (training quest bosses) emblems from green screen actor images.

XBox Achievements

Created the graphics for the XBox achievement images — main game and DLCs — using in-game models, screenshots and icons.


Integrations & animations for the various menus such as the Fitness Quests, Workouts, results screens and main menu along with micro-interactions.