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Hello from Montréal!

My name is Rebecca Cohen Palacios or Reb as most people call me. I’m about two thirds graphic designer and a third web programmer.

And this is my portfolio inspired by my very loud cat who’s only quiet about 10% of the time. You’ll find my official project pieces in the “work” section. Anything I do for fun/practice will be in the blog.

If you're curious about anything, even about how I made this website I'd be more than happy to explain it to you.


Download her CV Available to work on game collaborations in either ui/ux or Stencyl programming.

Last update:

jun 26

Added another project and updated my CV. Looking for collaborations on game projects.

apr 26

Added several projects to my collection of works and a new mobile section.

Most recent design:

Scoutabout Films

Scoutabout Films